Kiteboard Pro World Tour: Final results

After four days of wind, the prize giving ceremony of the Essaouira Kiteboard World Cup 2008 took place at the beautiful Hotel Atlas Essaouira & Spa. The governor of Essaouira came to congratulate all the competitors for their show and thank the organizers for the success of the event.

Thanks to the amazing wind and wave conditions, we managed to complete three disciplines: Freestyle, Wave and Course Racing. The riders of the KPWT have reached a very high level. They are really astonishing on the water. Their performances really get better every season.

The Essaouira Kiteboard World Cup 2008, Final of the Kiteboard Pro World Tour, has been a huge success and there is no denying that we will come back next year with the KPWT caravan. Many thanks to the sponsors who support the event, to the riders who create the show and to the organizers who coordinate this beautiful event!

1. Jesse RICHMAN (US)
2. Leander VYVEY (BEL)
3. Antoine AURIOL (FRA)

2. Kristin BOESE (GER)
3. Marine SUDRE (AUS)

(Source: Event’s PR)

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